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"Patch" is an unfortunate dog suffering from head tumors. Fortunately, thanks to its excellent technology, doctors have prepared a perfect 3D printing skull plate . As a sausage ...
Researchers at Purdue University's Polytechnic and Engineering Colleges are working on a multi-functional 3D printer, , that will eventually allow people to print out "smart" obje...
When Kevin Kelly published Out of Control in 1994, he had predicted that the future would be a gradual mechanization of human beings and a biologization of machines. This trend is ...
& Nbsp; Many science fiction movies have such plots: the protagonist's body is seriously injured, with the help of advanced medical technology, the patient's wound heals quickly, a...
In recent years, bio-3d printing transplants has achieved good results, including ribs, thyroid, skull, meniscus and so on. Recently, the team of intelligent nano-biological devi...
At a press conference held by the Information Office of the State Council at 3 p.m. this afternoon, Wu Yanhua, deputy director of the National Space Administration and deputy direc...
Co-author Dr. Shaochen Chen created a scaffold to simulate the structure of the central nervous system using fast 3D printing technology .  : "It's like a bridge that connec...
As we all know, as a subversive production mode, 3D printing can design complex shapes and internal structures that traditional technology can not reach. Recently, Jonathan Brand, ...

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