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Piihawl, let 3D printer innovate life! Founded in 2013 in shenzhen, China, it is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the r&d, design, production, sales and brand service of 3d printer, 3d model and optical curing equipment. At present, there is a 3d printing equipment industrial production base in longhua district, shenzhen, with a total plant area of 3,000 square meters. Its products include DIY gantry gantry entry level machines, all-in-one intelligent level machines and industrial-level large-size 3d printers, 3d models, and light curing machines.

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Piihawl Smart II
Piihawl Zero

Golden proportion design, generous atmosphere, simple but not simple, internal structure is compact and orderly, shape thick and smart,

This is a perfect and classic 3D printer.

High base sheet metal structure, stable structure, reduce unnecessary sloshing, improve stability, simple and complicated operation design,

This is a 3D printing smart black technology.

Real material, one-time molding, clear surface texture without drawing trace, visible good quality, effectively improve the quality of printing,

This is a 3D printer that speaks with precision.


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